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Introduction: History, activity

Android apps which are clever and verified, like Cleverify

Our indie company - the app development division of Elsato Ltd. (Hungary) called Cleverify - designs Android apps to help people better, quicker, cheaper perform an activity, and to offer something great.
We want the best experiences for Android phones and tablets. The apps are user friendly, creative, high quality solutions (i. e. clever from Cleverify), they take advantage of functionality, as we adapt the best practices and standards (i. e. verify from Cleverify).

Story and activity

Based on the experience in the software development of the Hungarian company Elsato Ltd, the indie branch called Celverify was created.
As first app, we created the mobile version of one of the real security products of the company, Pass or Stop.
In order to get our apps into the hands of as many people as possible, increasing our potential of being discovered and becoming successful, we keep on working with marketing, SEM (search engine marketing) and ASO (app store optimization), with all the tasks and continuous activities involved.
If you are interested to join our team, please send your application as detailed in the menu of Career.
Based on our own experiences, we are ready to develop your app ideas, and business success. Please contact us at business at