Light Banner app displays text messages sensationally

Android application by enables conspicuous text messaging

Summary of the text displaying application into a knockout

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Light Banner application enables you to display text messages conspicuously and variously attracting more attention. Display can be adapted to mobile phones and tablets.

Light Banner application can display messages to people near you. It is useful to communicate with other when it is too loud or when speech cannot work.

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How to use:

Light Banner app

To start using Light Banner enter the message you want to display on the screen. To create your message more noticeable and more readable, you have options to select, like

The message will be shown on the display so anyone can easily read it, even at a distance.


You can upgrade Light Banner to Pro version with in app purchase. It adds features of Recent and Favorites.

In both lists a small icon indicates its manner of displaying, with the background and front colors. If the screen is wide enough, a preview is displayed, too.

We hope you will enjoy it, and you will mention Light Banner in review. If you want improvement, please email us. Any feedback is welcome. Thank you!

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