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Summary of the security randomizer search selector application

Pass or Stop icon Pass or Stop App selects persons, vehicles or anything randomly for a detailed search, screen, check or inspection, by giving a red sign to stop, or a green to pass.

The Pass or Stop random selector application is a reliable, non-discriminatory way to select individuals, vehicles to be searched, screened or inspected for conducting instant spot checks
The Pass or Stop picker app will randomly select persons, vehicles or anything for stop or go. Red signal indicates stop and green pass, with individually selectable audible alerts for each.
The random selector app can also be used
This random picker app allows a better internal control for the prevention of theft or alcohol and drug abuse.
This person screening application provides a method of selection at random without any discrimination and without the cost, time and inconvenience of screening everyone.

This person selector app is a cost effective deterrent, in

How the Pass or Stop random chooser application works:

Pass or Stop app
This random person picker application is ready to use with setting of the desired percentage of the search ratio. Everyone touches the blue button on the mobile during the instant spot check, activating the random process. The random selector either gives a Green pass sign with a tone indicating no search, or a Red stop and search alert indicating the selection for a search or closer inspection.
The red and the green lights are accompanied by different melodies as audible alarms. The selection is random, it depends on the percentage set from 1% to 99%. (For example at 10% there is a one in ten chance of getting a red=search.) This picker application has a re-settable traffic counter, both the pass and stop events are counted in the statistics. The data is available until modifying the search ratio.


With the Pass or Stop person search screening app is the random selection procedure within the security policy transparent to both employees, security staff and visitors.
The random spot checker app is part of an effective searching policy


Random person picker application is ready to use with setting of the desired percentage of the search ratio, between 1-99 % in 1 % increments.
Statistics show the results of the latest 25 outcomes (total, red or green) of the random selection process. These will cumulate until the search ratio is modified.
There is an adjustable delay for how long the mobile display remains the same, in order that every party (security staff and employee) can see the stop or pass result of the random chooser app. It can be set from the standard 1 sec to 10 secs. The random check selector application operates as a stand-alone screening system.
No need of mounting, cables, power supply.
The application is intended for business use!
Changing grid size, resolution, firmware/rooting may affect performance.




Download Pass or Stop App, and select persons or anything randomly!

Download Pass or Stop on Google Play

Warning! If you upgrade your app from 1.xx version, check your settings, because the probability percentage and button text size reset to default!

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